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“Working From Home: More Pros Than Cons.”

“Working From Home: More Pros Than Cons.”

Why I Love Working from Home

Eight years ago, I made the best decision of my life. I traded in working in an office for working from home. The work has been varied, it’s been well paid and poorly paid. Clients have queued up for me and there’s been famines too. It has, though, been by far the best thing I’ve done.

The main benefit is being able to work from home and not having to commute. This has not only saved time, but allowed me to work in a relaxed atmosphere with all the things I need around me to complete writing assignments, transcriptions, turn audio recordings into scripts, complete fascinating analyzes and more. Furthermore, there’s been a huge amount of variation. I’ve worked on topics covering all industries and genres as well as many kinds of work.

It’s not all benefits though. When you work from home you have to bear in mind that there are problems too. You have to have self-discipline so you can complete all of your transcriptions, writing jobs, analysis and more on time and to a suitable quality. Too many people try this thinking they can do work whenever they want and they soon lose out – a deadline is a deadline, even if remotely worked.

Furthermore, never forget about your health too. When working from home it’s too easy to snack and to spend large amounts of time just sitting at a desk or on the couch. This is bad for the body, bad for posture, and for quite often for mental health too. Keep exercising, take regular breaks from the computer, and make sure you eat healthily.

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