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What do we do?…. We are a platform where you can simply upload Indian Language Audio’s and get Transcripts, Analysis & Translations within 24 hours.

Clients say we are their one stop provider for Transcriptions, Analysis and Translations.

Crescendo is a start-up based in India, providing “Transcription and Analysis of audio’s in Indian Languages”. We have built a technologically robust and advanced platform where we seamlessly transcribe and analyse audio’s in more than 30 Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati or Oriya. The transcription and analytic services form an integral part of the Research and Analytic market place of India with hours of audio being transcribed and analysed each day. Transcriptions are also widely being used by Corporate, Institutions, SME’s and Individuals.

Freelancers say we are a place where they can source work 24/7 to work from home.

Crescendo’s mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home. We are bringing the best of the office to our on-line workplace. We believe that attracting the best people is the key to delivering great service to our customers. Our vendors have an opportunity to source work 24*7, they get great freedom to choose what they want to transcribe and for how long. They get constructive feedbacks on each file they do and this helps them improve their quality and efficiency.

We do 100 % Human Transcriptions . We are the first platform for Indian Transcriptions, Analysis and Translations.

Our clients get the literal meaning of their audio’s on paper, since our transcriptions are done manually by listening to the audio’s and typing the content out. We go a step ahead and transcribe even the emotions involved in the recording and put them in brackets (mockingly, seriously etc). This data gets very insightful while reading a transcript.

We are Crescendo Transcriptions.

We are a dedicated team who works day-in and day-out to
bring our Clients, Vendors and of course ourselves the best when it comes to Analysis, Transcription and Translations.

With the help of technology we have given our clients a platform where they can get all their transcription, analysis and translations done. Be it any language, be it any number of hours and be it any time of the day. They can get the work done at one click (On-Line or Off-Life). A platform which enables them by giving accurate, speedy and 100% Human transcriptions and analysis.

We are a team of a vibrant, engaged community of professionals that readily collaborate, share ideas, and offer constructive feedback.