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Transcription work details!

Transcription requires you to listen to audio’s which are in various Indian languages and type them out in ENGLISH.

Let us now show you now what the exact work is. In transcriptions you would basically be listening to audio’s in different languages i.e Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati, Malayalam, Assamese or Kannada and typing it out on a word file in English.

So suppose you know Hindi – we will give you a Hindi audio, you will listen to it and transcribe it on a word file. You cant go word to word because then in English it won’t make sense. You will listen to it, translate it in your mind and then type it on a Word file, so that it makes sense when we read the transcript.

(In other words)

When translating from Hindi or any other Regional Language into English, please take care to transcribe the spirit of the sentence. A literal transcription often loses the context in which the statement was made.

To make it simpler for you we have shown how it exactly works. Please click on the button below to understand what exactly do we need!.

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