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Content Analysis

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What is Content Analysis?

Content AnalysisHaving the content analyzed is very critical for market research organizations and several businesses. It is increasingly becoming an important tool to measure the success of the research conducted and finally to draw productive conclusions of various discussions or interviews.

Content analysis in simple terms is analyzing the transcribed data using set of techniques. Important and crucial information is then sorted out to be able to derive a meaningful insight into what the end user is expecting. This expectation could be anything raging from improvement of an existing product, need for the development of a new product or to create a new approach.

Why is it important?

Content analysis helps market research companies to understand customer preferences and feedback to predict the future trends.
Businesses and financial sectors use analyzed data to streamline their business strategies in line with market trend; this in-turn helps them to outsmart their competitors.
Even academic professionals from sociology, medicine, and political science backgrounds get their research related audio and video recordings transcribed. They use the analyzed information to speed up their reach work, and deliver improved results.

Often companies pay a heft amount to get their audio or video files transcribed and wait for several days for the transcription service providers to analyze the same. Crescendo Connect understands that your time is extremely valuable, and hence has integrated this two step process of TRANSCRIPTON and CONTENT ANALYSIS into a SINGLE STEP. We achieve this by analyzing the content directly from the audio/video file. This gives our clients the freedom to utilize their time more productively, and at the same time save a lot of money.

We at Crescendo Connect recognize that one size doesn’t fit all, and different clients have different needs. Keeping this in mind we make you use different analytical techniques like text segmentation, various color coding, defining variables, hierarchical coding system to name a few to accurately transcribe and analyze the data. We have well trained content analysts, who ensures that the end report meets the requirements and specifications of the client.

And if you thought you have to pay extra for this? Then you are up for a surprise. We don’t charge anything extra for content analysis and we offer you our services with an honest per minute of audio or video billing, with no hidden charges.