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English to Punjabi Transcriptions


Language is supposedly the most explicit form of expression; but it would be a shame if it is not understood by the intended audience. Why should your business be constrained behind boundaries demarcated only by language? It is time to break free from the shackles.The world is your playground if you are ready to play and play you will; but you just need the right team.

Crescendo Transcriptions Pvt. Ltd. offers you a diverse platter of transcription and translation services and boasts of having on board experienced transcribers and translators across India; who not only possess language skills but also the knowledge to correctly translate and transcribe; keeping in mind the essence of the speaker’s intent.

We take care of a diverse set of requirements of our clients such as Telephonic Calls Transcription, Lecture Transcriptions, Oral Group Interview, Focus Group discussions,Research transcriptions India, Thesis transcriptions India,Dissertation transcriptions India , Transcription of academic presentations India, Transcriptions of one-to-one interviews India, Events Transcriptions, or Transcription of academic symposia India; to name a few. There are some highly accentuated audio files which you may come across but our transcribers are adept at handling them with skill and ease.

The Translation Services India – Punjabi Audio Transcription and Translation services takes care of your business needs with regard to transcription from Punjabi to English and from English to Punjabi as well. It helps the user better understand the speaker’s intent by the best Punjabi Audio and Video Transcription Services in India provided by our skilled transcribers. Our presence is pan India through our transcribers who have the knowledge of the area as well as the language. This helps put your worries at ease when you have your audios containing matter which may be location specific; essentially when you do interviews in the interior parts of the country. This gives our transcribers the extra edge over many others who may be proficient in the language but as they are not based out of the locale in question; they wouldn’t possess an understanding of the same. So put your fears aside, as you are in the best possible hands when it comes to transcription and translation services.
So, no more scribbling! You can put down your pen as we take care of the rest.You can place your Punjabi Language Translation Services in our hands and take care of your other business matters. Partner withCrescendo Transcriptions Pvt. Ltdfor the best translation and transcription services in the industry.