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Indina TranscriptionCrescendo is a startup based in India, providing “Transcription and Analysis of audios in Indian Languages”. We seamlessly transcribe  audios in more than 30 Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati or Oriya.

Market research organizations and several businesses these days have a need to maintain details of the research they have conducted with clients or customers. Information discussed during various interviews, group discussions, seminars, or lectures is of utmost importance, and it becomes imperative for these organizations to have the content transcribed accurately for analysis. The transcribed content is then used for the development of new strategies or products or for record maintenance to avoid any disputes or legal complications.

If you are looking for superior quality transcription services within a faster turn around time, then look no further than Crescendo Transcriptions. We are on the fore front of the fastest growing marketplace for Indian Language Transcriptions. We help you transcribe either live or pre-recorded audio and video files into accurate written format with the below listed USP’s…

Accuracy and Speed

Our clients benefit by the accuracy of the data in our transcriptions and analysis, our 2-pass service, meaning that every audio file is first transcribed, and then proofread by a reviewer ensures superior quality work to our clients, thereby avoiding rework and added cost for them. Our clients do not have to wait for more than 24 hours to start their work. Audio files up to 60 minutes are transcribed and analyzed within 24 hours, often much faster.


One Stop solution

Our clients benefit by not having to co-ordinate with multiple freelancers since we work on all regional languages (under one-roof).

On the Go and Offline Transcriptions

Our clients get “On-the-go convenience, super audio quality, and transcription with a tap” even if they are off-line through our Mobile – App.


100% Human Transcriptions

Our clients get the literal meaning of their audios on paper, since our transcriptions are done manually by listening to the audios and typing the content out.


We know that our clients value their privacy, particularly when it comes to personal or confidential business documents. Our client’s data is secured since our work is often split between 2 – 3 vendors. Our transcriptionists are held to strict non-disclosure agreements.

Unlimited Hours of Work

Our clients can work on multiple projects at a time and get the transcripts simultaneously since we can process almost 200 – 250 hours of audio each day. Managing the sheer volume, variety, and velocity of data that is being generated is imperative in our line of work.