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Translate English to Bengali


Mention translation to any Bengali worth his hilsa fish in mustard sauce and he will crinkle his nose and defame any form of translation on offer from English to Bengali and vice versa. The reason given is that most Bengalis feel there can never quite be anything more dense, intense, or voluminous form of language as Bengali in terms of vocabulary and richness of annotation. But then, that happens to be the essence of all who try their hand at getting translations into any vernacular language, not just English to Bengali translations.
Some other fears with all who approach any form of translation service is –missed deadlines, below par end product, numerous flaws in interpretations of source material and of course the ultimate agonizing flaw that beats any other-mechanical, lifeless and devoid of the real world references from where the language emanates. These are the shortcomings that you will have to navigate past.

Focus of Clients Matters
Anyone looking for a service that will help convert English to Bengali text or English audio to Bengali text will have to understand what is it also what you as a client aim or target while seeking such a service, which matters decisively in getting a better quality end result.
Firstly do understand that you have to segregate the target audience-answer this question-whom are you getting the translation done for-is it market related, legal, medical, or belonging to the entertainment niche-each form of Indian language translation will entail a different treatment and there are several native language translation services in India, that have a systems in place to get you the finest end product targeted rightly to your need.
The question however is to help you formalize your target need!
Ezra Pound said, “Good writers are those who keep language clear and simple”- and that goes as much for great translators too. There is great truth in these words-a great translation is the one closest to its source-keeping its genuine thought alive but making it as readable, smooth flowing and accessible in its idea to any reader. It is created with a target readership in mind, yet should be intelligible enough for all.

How Does Being a Good Client Help
When any client approaches a translation service provider with a project, he must remember his own preparation for the same. If your target is not clear, don’t expect to hit the mark. After all, clients approach professional translators for specific needs. In the same manner translation from English to Bengali follows certain simple thumb rules that any great translation needs to follow and Crescendo Transcriptions is one such company that helps its clients focus better. It helps prepare the work profile in such a way that translators know exactly the audience and they in turn prepare a style guide that will help maintain consistency between what the client needs and the work of the translator. Targeting the right result is all about this!

Getting Specialists on Board the Project
There are certain clients looking for localization projects and that requires a dire need for a more focused kind of translation of audio or text. This is where specialism amongst translators comes to play such a huge role. There is always a need to place several such translators who have specialization in fields as diverse as medical, legal, real estate and even strong literary translators. Companies offering a wider spectrum of specialization obviously can tailor the text better to suit your need. The inherent knowledge can be seen in the richer and contextualized form of translations and a more tight fitting accurate precisely woven text.

Regional Equation
Also the regional equation has to be strongly embedded. While most translators with Crescendo Transcriptions possess desired academic qualifications in Bengali language it is also mandatory that they have great hold over language specifics such as grammar structure, slang and idioms, and are vary of taking on culturally out of context references.
Crescendo Transcriptions who have been in the business from 2009 know exactly the needs of clients seeking a market oriented or readership oriented professional translation from English to Bengali. They have tailored their service with several such features like feedback on work, to editing and proofing, to an open channel of communication seeking a better copy-every aspect of the clients need has been addressed when the translation project is undertaken. Accuracy of deadlines, language proficiency, error finding stages and several stages of rechecking ensure that the end result is way above the general translation levels you would otherwise be offered elsewhere.
A huge array of market sectors have been assigning jobs to Crescendo Transcriptions who have carved a niche that is profoundly based on quality assurance and meeting tight deadlines. There however are no automatics- and even assuming their position to be on top is not something that is taken for granted as each project is considered a new beginning. Strict norms of ensuring that you get culturally relevant and accurate translation converting English to Bengali is delivered to you in flawless copies.
As a client if you do choose Crescendo Transcriptions for English translation to Bengali, remember to be equally prepared with your own target need-because this is one service provider that asks as many questions as it answers.